Hidalgo ISD Superintendent is named Region One Council Chair!

Salinas     Hidalgo Independent School District’s Superintendent of Schools, Xavier Salinas was appointed chairman of the Regional Advisory Council of Superintendents (RAC) for Region One, the Education Service Center due to his effective leadership abilities. 

     “It was an honor to be appointed chairman by my fellow colleagues,” stated Salinas. “I’m excited to collaborate and learn from all superintendents at Region One.” The RAC committee for Region One is comprised of public schools and charter schools Superintendents.  

     Additionally, the RAC committee services public school institutions to help improve student academic performance and school safety to operate more efficiently and effectively.  

     “As chairman I believe participation is key because there’s a lot to learn from each other,” Salinas explained. The members of the RAC committee correspondingly share a common goal. Each member has a passion for their work and commitment to improving the school environment and fostering student learning strengths and weaknesses. Inspired by a shared vision, Salinas’s top priority is to collaborate and network with the Superintendents in the Region to make sure students across the board are learning and achieving at high levels.  

     Moreover, Salinas leadership skills have helped built an environment conducive to success by promoting communication and collaboration with the members from the RAC committee. “As Superintendents, we are in constant communication sharing ideas on how to enhance our curriculum in all our schools, along with budgeting formats, among many other needs we as Superintendents of Schools in Region One need in order for our kids to be more successful,” Salinas added. 

     Salinas main objectives are to find ways to enhance academics and safety. “One of the goals I have in mind as chair would be first and foremost academics,” said Salinas. “I will continue to look for innovative ways to enhance and improve our curriculum throughout Region One in order to continue to better serve the students by creating more hands-on programs and emphasizing the importance of our associate degrees while fostering a safe environment for all.” 

     Salinas is looking forward to working in partnership with the rest of the superintendents across the region to find the funds needed to support smaller school districts to better improve safety programs. “I know that the state has a lot of requirements for safety but hasn’t provided much funding,” Salinas stated. “I hope we can come together and share ideas to provide a safe environment for all students and staff.”  

     Being a Superintendent of Schools is fraught with challenges, yet Salinas continues to inspire others and encourage teamwork while celebrating successes and failures. “Salinas is a not only a great leader but also very considerate of others’ needs,” said Melissa Villagomez, Superintendent’s secretary. “He has provided an exceptional work environment for everyone by inspiring and shaping Hidalgo ISD as a whole.”