Veterans are the HEART of America

"Land of the Free because of the Brave"
It doesn't have to be Veteran's Day to express gratitude to those who have paid the ultimate price. Many people throughout the world are celebrating Valentine's Day, however, here on our campus, we'd like to take the time to celebrate and recognize the Veterans.
Salinas Elementary worked hand in hand on this project with 'The Sand Devils Motorcycle Club,' an all-Veteran's Motorcycle Club. "We're a tightly knit brotherhood and we're devoted to giving back to our veterans,"  President of the club, Joel Pico said. Every year they work on something specifically for the Veterans and this year they included Salinas Elementary. Students and teachers work alongside 'The Sand Devils' to make this Valentine's Day memorable for the Vets. 
When this project was presented to the students, excitement and motivation consumed them. For some, this project became very special and significant since some students come from a military family. By the end of this project, students, teachers and veterans were overwhelmed with unity, humility, and happiness: "We made Valentine's Day cards for the Veterans and it made me feel really good about myself. These [individuals] fight for our rights and some have paid the ultimate price...they're selfless, and letting them know how much we appreciate them is the least we can do," Jade Velasquez, a 5th grade student exclaimed.